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yea its been awhile

i really cant stand school at all anymore. i dropped my honors english class because i didnt want to do all the work. whata bitch. i really dont care anymore though. i hate being there.

cvs sucks too. i really cant stand working there anymore. i had to work friday 4-11 after being in school all day. it sucks so much and i have to do it again this friday. saturday was cool. i hung out with john stephanie and hannah. we didnt end up going to hemp fest and we just waked and baked and got food. then we met up with ashley and katelyn and this annoying kid at lynn woods. after that we got salvia and it was kinda gay cause that kid was annoying. then they left and we just hung around my house and i took everyone home evenually

i worked today 7:30-1ish. and i have to work tomorrow 5-10. mad gay.

wedensday is mine and john's 4 months. its crazy.

i just hope things dont get fucked up.
and i really miss summer.
i hate sundays the most. another fucking week.
i miss old friends too.
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