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i cant believe summer is over.

wow. it been so long since ive updated. so much has changed and ive lost some friends this summer. but ive gained some too. and all those friends are just too cool for me now i guess. whatever. their loss.

my birthday was august 31st. i finally turned 18.
it kinda sucked atfirst and i was having a really shitty day for certain reasons. i thought i was going to have the worst birthday ever. but it turned out being really fun. i hung out with john stephanie robbie and michelle. and we smoked(except for michelle cause shes pregnant!) and they took me to amazings. i saw so much porn and dildos. it was kinda gross. haha. after that me john and stephanie picked up hannah and maria chris and katie came over. along with cai and emily and nicole. and j stopped by and a few other people did. we all were playing drinking games and i got kinda drunk. but we after we smoked i was so fucked up.

today was been really shitty. i hate werid obessions and i hate how everything dosent seem important anymore. i hate how i feel shitty for no reason and i feel like im not even worth it anymore. i dont know.

i dont want to go back to school. but atleast im a senior. i cant believe a year from now im gunna be starting college. its scary. i dont want to grow up.

i have a feeling things are going to change really bad. and i dont think its gunna be a good change.
and i cannot wait for the fall out boy show and saves the day show in october. im so happy saves the day is coming out with a new cd. i hope it dosent suck.
bloc party is playing next thursday. hopefully we're going.

today just really needs to end. its been kinda a shitty day. the night made up for it though.
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