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oh, its what you do to me ohh, it what you do to me

july is almost over and i feel like my summer is flying by. ive done so many things this summer that i havent updated about. i just stopped updating for awhile because im lazy and i just dont have the time anymore to update this every few days. butt ive mostly been hanging out with stephanie john<3 kc jason chris maria laura anne matt raya ashley and just friends from shows that i seem to see everywhere like liz heather and molly. hah.

ive been to the willows and the beach just like any summer. i went to good harbor last week with kc alicia and blair. it was pretty cool i havent hung out with them in so long. i think we're all gunna go to water country sometime and next week hopefully im going to six flags with everyone. but ill just see what happens.

i laso went to rockport with kc and john. it was pretty cool. we walked on this long walk man made wharf and watched the sunset and then hung out with random friend's of johns that he hasnt seenl in like 4 years

stephanies bday was last week and we saw charlie and the chocolate factory and then partied and played kings and smoked so much it was ridiculous. and i saw the acacdemy is again on the 21st. it was amazing. and the plain white ts were really good and now kc got me to like them

but yea here are some pictures from rockport and just random stuff this summer.


sunset pictures from a quarry

now just some random picturess

i miss old friends.


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