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Note to self: I miss you terribly.

Yea i havent updated in awhile. alot has happened but i really dont feel like updating about it. things are good. ive been hanging out with john<3 stephanie kc maggie maria michelle and robbie. its been pretty cool.

wedensday i went to see from first to last at the icc. it was wicked hot out. me and stephanie took the blue line into boston and met up with john in the boston common. we walked around the common cause it was wicked nice and then decided to go to meet up with john's friends in the subway and go to the icc. the venue sucks. i hate the icc. im never going back unless i really like the bands because it gets so hot in there its ridiculous. i was drenched in sweat and i wasnt even moving haha. but yea the first band was ok. the lead singer looked lik jesus. hallifex or something like that was the second band. they were pretty good too. the third band was ok. nothing special. after that from first to last finally came on. they were amazing. i found out they ahd a different singer on their actual cd. cause i only have the ep. after the show it was thundering and lightning and we all got soaked. it was wicked fun until we got cold from the air conditioned subway.

yea. today im going to see head automatica. i cant wait.

13 days till vacationnnnnnnnnn
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