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Watch your mouth your speech is slurred enough.

yea so school isnt that bad at all anymore. i realized i was being a bitch and that i could deal with it. schools actually pretty easy. its just that i do stupid things like skip for no reason. but right now i have the flu. it sucks my skin is all achy and sore and my throat hurts. but since im home i think im just gunna search for colleges cause i have no idea where i wanna go and i really need to find out soon since its my senior year. haha.

yesterday i was wicked sick but i went to school anyway and it was so cold in the morning and i had to be outside for 80 minutes in gym playing fucking golf. i think i almost died. haha. after that i was wicked achy i could barley move without it hurting. but i dealed with it and took a fucking precal test and almost died again. but i think i did good on it.

after that i went to english and then the nurse and i came home. then i took a nap till 2ish and then picked john up at the train station and we hung out all day. i was wicked sick and we stayed in and it was awesome. it just sucked cause it was soooo nice out yesterday.

went apple picking last weekend at brooksby farm with hannah and john. it was pretty cool. the apples were so good. we went on the hay ride and it was wicked gay ahha it just went in a little cirlce. then we got the cider doughnuts and they have all this animals there. the emus and llama were wicked werid. haha.

anddd fall out boy and panic at the disco is in a week and 3 days. i cannot wait. panic at the disco is so good they're cd just came out yesterday and i cant stop listening to it.
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