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Why did summer have to end?

today has been one of the worst days ive had in awhile.
school started and i really cant deal with it anymore. school makes me miserable and i cant stand being there at all. i know im a senior and it would be pointless cuase ive worked so hard but i really just want to fucking drop out. i cant stand any of it anymore.

everything was so good in the summer. i have a feeling everything is going to change to much again. it always does.

i went all the way to boston with stephanie and john to see bloc party. excepttt it was sold out and we didnt have tickets. yea that sucked.

next week im working so much. im working or going to school every morning until next weekend. and now since im 18 i have to close and work till 11 at CVS. honestly. who goes into CVS during that time period?

i really dont know if i can do this again this year. i dont even want to deal with it.
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