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Im broken, so broken down.

yea so things are deffiantly getting better from the last entry.

i havent really been doing anything exciting. ive been working alot more and im gunna get certifed for photo soon. its crazy but i cant stand being a cashier anymore so its all good.

latley ive gone to deveraux beach around midnight for no reason. i went swimming the other night with stephanie and john and than another time with maria. it was funnier with maria though because we were wicked stoned.

speaking of smoking and pot, ive been trying to cut down smoking. its just too much money and it kinda caused me to loose some of my "friends" so it just dosent seem worth it anymore. these are perfectly logical reasons for me to quit smoking. but even though i know i should i just cant. in a way i dont even want to. but then i do. its just wicked confusing. but i think the only way i can quit is if i quit cold turkey. but im not sure if i want to do that yet.

i think ill calm down once school starts back up. i cant believe theres less than a month left of summer. CVS put up all these back to school signs for all these sales and i realized summers already almost over. i just cant wait till warped tour. and six flags. we still havent gone. hopefully we're going saturday.

but yea im to lazy to post pictures even though i have alot. i will some other time.
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