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well july is basically over.

summer has been really good and this past week has been a really good week and i deffiantly needed it.

went to the lynn woods with john steph and chris the other day. we walked about and smoked a b and me and stephanie sung obnoxious songs. it was funny and then we went to dungeon rock and climbed through this cave it was so cool. i wish i had my camera to take pictures. later on we met up wtih kc and took crazy pictures at the neck in marblehead. ill post them soon. haha. we ended up meeting up with maria and watched godsend and it fucking sucked. haha

yesterday i went to see action action with stephanie and john. they were so good. we missed the first two bands but we didnt care because we didnt really wanna see them anyway. we got there during gastbys american dream and they were pretty good. the icc wasnt that bad it didnt get as hot. action action played next and they were so good. they played every song i liked excpet one. but they kept getting electricuted(sp) which sucked.

ugh. i have to work 3-10 today and i really dont want to. i hate workk
cant wait till 6 flags next week. :)

oh its what you do to me, ohh its what you do to me
things have been getting better alot in general. and i havent been this happy since the winter.
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