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so tired of this.

yea i havent updated in awhile and i really dont feel like updating about how my life has been. ive been hanging out with the same people and doing the same things and its awesome. but i dont know. for some reason i always get upset over nothing.

i cant stand how fast things change and how quickly people change. everything and everyone was so different a year ago. i miss it. but i dont. i dont know anymore. i wish i never started smoking pot. this year just changed me so much and i dont even know how to deal with it.

sometimes i really dont see the point in waking up anymore or doing anything. theres honestly no point in doing good in school. but i still do. im probaly never even going to amount to anything. so why try? im sick of trying and i really dont want to grow up at all i realized.

i cant stand life really at this point but at the same point im perfectly content with my boyfriend and friends. everything else just fucking sucks right now. and i really cannot stand my family anymore. everyone is fucking crazy minus me chris and my sister.

and i cant sleep. yea i guess im all about complaining tonight.
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